3 Days With Shauna Coxsey

As part of an original EpicTV series, we've followed Shauna Coxsey through 2015, focusing on three very different days in her calendar to give an insight into the training, competing and climbing of one of the world's best young climbers.

In the first episode, we headed back to Shauna's native Liverpool and the Climbing Hangar to take a look at her unique relationship with professional coach Mark Glennie. At the time of filming, Shauna was suffering with a finger injury ahead of the 2015 competition season and in this video she reflects on how the injury has impacted her training.


For the second episode of the series, we caught up with Shauna at perhaps the highpoint of her year as, shortly after taking first place at the British Bouldering Championships with a perfect performance, she pulled off another flawless final at the last round of the 2015 Bouldering World Cup. In front of a packed Munich crowd with her family watching on, Shauna flashed all four final boulders to top the podium with ease.


For the final day in the series, we followed Shauna to Rocklands where she got back into the swing of outdoor climbing on some of the area's most well-loved classics. Things weren't perfect for Shauna with her finger still giving her some trouble, but the combination of the beautiful area, good company and quality climbing still made for a memorable trip.


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Hopefully you've enjoyed this insight into Shauna's experience as a professional athlete in 2015. If you've got any suggestions for a climber you'd like to see us follow in 2016, let us know in the comments below.


All images and video by Polished Project

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