8 Ways To Get That Retro Climbing Look!

Recently we’ve been inspired by some vintage rock climbing looks from movies like Rotpunkt and Statement of Youth, giving us a sneak peek into the years of audacious colors, provoking patterns and really, tight leggings. To celebrate all things old school we've put together a collection of retro looking clothes and gear. 

Andy Pollitt yellow highlighter outfit
Image from Statement of Youth: The Birth of British Sport Climbing

First Off Shoes!

There is nothing that says old school like a good pair of high-tops climbing shoes like the LA Sportiva TC Pro made in collaboration with Tommy Caldwell. They are perfect for edging, big wall adventures and crack climbing.


La Piece De Resistance!

SoSolid unisex retro inspired leggings! Why? Well… they allow maximum flexibility and freedom while climbing. They come in bright colors and patterns, reminding us of all those climbers in 80s and 90s crushing it with their impeccable style. Their fabrics are sourced from Italy and are made out of recycled polyamide fibers. To keep the production in Europe the leggings are manufactured in Portugal. Go all out and pair it with ABK Wanaoo T-shirt


Feeling Less Brave?

Bright colours aren't going to suit every occasion. Instead try out some comfy climbing pants like these Black Diamond jeans paired with this LA Sportiva Van T-shirt made with organic cotton for a more subtle look.

Matt Groom wearing Black Diamond The Forged Denim Pant

Stay Toasty!

While belaying it's is easy to get cold so these jackets Mountain Hardwear Monkey for woman and RAB Microlight Alpine Jacket for men should do the trick to keep you nice and warm and you certainly won’t go unnoticed...


Tri-colored with dual fabrics, yet the single most essential pullover you'll wear all winter.

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A Good Backpack Is Essential For A Good Life…

The Patagonia Arbor Classic Pack 25 is sporty but classy. Made with recycled polyester fabric and its finish is DWR (durable water repellent) it repels light rain, snow and has a quick drying times. It's perfect for carrying around your climbing gear for a post school/work training session. However, for a more lightweight and versatile climbing pack a Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 25 is ideal for a chilled out cragging session or an epic summer alpine adventure.

Stay Hydrated!

The Reflect bottle is a stylish and ecofriendly choice that will last you forever and become your own vintage piece. It's made from stainless steel, food-grade silicone (no paint) and the cap is made from sustainably harvested bamboo. Clip it to your backpack and you’re good to go!

Top It Off With A Headband!

Matching with the leggings these SoSolid headbands are essential on sweaty occasions since the fabric is breathable and light, so dries quickly. It won’t let you down in the cooler months, keeping your ears nice and warm.



As A Finished Touch...SLINGS!

We all love the look of those colourful cross body slings that give us confidence on a mountain ridge, on a scary trad route or simply at the crag where you can extend all the quickdraws making the route a colourful waterfal. 



Written by: Teresa Corti

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