Adam Ondra Dawn Wall Update: Working The Dyno

EpicTV athlete Adam Ondra updates on his Dawn Wall progress:

"Another day in the office ;-) We hauled up and set up the portaledge up on the Dawn Wall yesterday. I got to the top of pitch 16, and worked the moves of 14, 15 and 16 till late night. These are three of the hardest pitches on the whole climb, on every pitch I missed one liitle piece into the puzzle, but with better skin and colder conditions (which are on the way), I will hopefully have these pitches super wired soon. 


Portaledge On The Dawn Wall


"Pitch 14 has this really mysterious last boulder problem, seemingly blank, but offering a few razorblades that are just horrible to look. The previous boulder problems on this pitch felt very good. Pitch 15 has this really small razorblade that I did not want to pull in the warm conditions so I would cut my skin open.


Adam Ondra Checking His Skin


"The rest of the pitch felt good. Pitch 16 has this crazy dyno that definitely felt hard. I did not do the single move, but there is always an option to make the loop variation. The rest of the pitch is tricky and insecure but I found my way. Next days I think I will work on these three pitches if the weather allows."


Keep On Hawlin'


Stay tuned to EpicTV for more updated on Ondra's Dawn Wall ground-up progress.

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