Can I Boil An Egg On The Summit Of Everest?


Gear Geek Chicken

We have a great variety of questions on our Gear Geek Forum; some funny, some practical, and some, as we wrote about last week, that are downright scary. Being the proud parents of this online community, we feel obliged to show it off to you; shove snapshots and video snippits of it in your face, and expect you to react with smiles and laughter. Here are some of our favourite questions so far.

Gear Geek Egg

What a great conversation starter! Try this one on your friends and see how far the conversation digresses before someone gives in and reads the answer. It’s not as simple as it sounds…

gear Geek bolt gun

This question doesn’t require nearly as much brain power to answer as the last question but we love the undeniable optimism of this poster. They have completely sidestepped the question of R & D, and moved straight onto sourcing this fantastic, yet sadly non-existent toy. It’s people like this who may one day make the Rock/Ice screw, Instant Bomber Protection and Bolt Gun a reality.

Gear Geek Unclimbed Mountain

Time for a more serious question. Before this question was posted on the forum, I really had no idea that there were so many peaks left in the world that had never been stood upon by a pair of mountaineering boots. Although it’s still my goal to be the first human to summit Mars' Olympus Mons, it’s nice to know that I can practice exploring the unexplored without having to leave Planet Earth. So thank you to the poster who inspired me with fresh ideas of adventure.

Gear Geek Falling

Fear of falling is a massive part of climbing, regardless of how good you are. Nearly everyone in the office decided to offer their opinions on this last question. That fact alone suggests that at least some of the questions we get asked have plenty of answers. So even if the question seems to have been answered, don’t be afraid to chip in yourself and join our climbing community.

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