EpicTV Athlete Stefano Ghisolfi 2020 Best Movies

2020 was a strange year and climbers have had to adjust to home training, climbing less and the restrictions on travel. It's posed a challenge to everybody. EpicTV athlete Stefano Ghisolfi had to make some ajdustment to his training and climb more locally in Arco, Italy. Over the past year we followed him bolting, projecting and climbing some of his hardest routes to date. 

A New Beginning

This first movie shows us how Stefano's life changed in 2020. For the first time in 20 years Stefano didn't take part in any competitions, instead he bolted new, futuristic routes for the very first time and overall enjoying a new life.


Durning the quarantine we caught up with Stefano to find out a little bit more about the man himself!

Interview Time!

Stefano Ghisolfi Project - Spazio Verticale

Durning the summer he had a special project The Bow, 9a+ a climb with a striking 'bow' move hence the route name. We were there to document the whole process from bolting, to his first tries...

... and of course we have the send video!

The Bow 9a+

One of the highlights of 2020 was his ascent of Change 9b+, the first route of this grade which was put up by Adam Ondra in 2012. As a Christmas present Stefano gave his fans exactly what we wanted; the uncut, raw commentary of this amazing climb. Sit back get a cup of tea and enjoy this movie... 

Change 9b+



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