OutDoor 2015 - Day 2 Highlights

As OutDoor 2015 rolled into day two we made our way back to the conference centre to catch up on everything we missed from day one.  

Black Diamond Booth

We kicked the day off at the Black Diamond stall where the new Ultralight Camalots were attracting a lot of interest. Black Diamond have cut 25% of the weight from their conventional camalots by replacing the steel cable with a dyneema substitute. While we didn't notice a huge difference when comparing single cams, over a full rack, the weight saving adds up to a sizeable saving on weight. 

Bionic Alpine Belay

We took in a lot of new products throughout the day including the Mammut Bionic Alpine Belay which uses abrasion-resistant steel at on all surfaces that come into contact with the rope. This should stop excessive wear from rope friction which often results in the development of sharp, dangerous edges on belay devices. What's more, these steel reinforcements are also beneficial in keeping the device cooler when rappelling, reducing the likelihood of the rope taking heat damage from the belay. 

Tendon Rope Contest

We also had a go at guessing the weight of the new Tendon Lowe 9.7 Rope...though we're not sure if we'd rather win the rope or the beers.

Outdoor Research Splitter Glove

And we're a little unsure how the traditionalists are going to react to Outdoor Research's new 'Splitter Gloves.' A good idea or is protecting your hands basically cheating?

Filming At Black Diamond

We managed to film at the majority of the stalls we visited and you can check out all of our reviews by following the Outdoor2015 series or by catching up next week on Climbing Daily when we'll have even more of the best new products and interviews with everyone from Chris Sharma to Nepalese aid workers.

Zlag Up

And for all you training nuts, fear not, because we managed to catch up with the Zlag Board guys and check out their brand new Zlap Up, a companion pull-up bar to their extremely popular Zlag Board.

All photos by Peter Kneen

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