Tom Randall - Millennium Arch

In October 2016, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall made the first ascent of 'Millennium Arch' (5.14), a colossal roof crack on Utah's White Rim. The line took the pair over two hours each to climb and, due to its length, required the use of two ropes for the climb and an additional abseil and recovery rope to get back to the belay.


At over 300 feet in length (91 metres), the line is the longest roof crack to date to have been successfully climbed, and at 5.14, it is no push over in terms of technical difficulty. The climb puts the pair's previous ascents on the White Rim in the shade, but Tom was eager to point out that this was not a climb in the traditional sense as many climbers would understand it, saying:


“It's a "challenge"… we spent 4 days just getting across the route and equipping it. We left all kit in place and did it redpoint style, but we want to stress that it's neither sport nor trad climbing.... just a very, very unique climb!”


That's especially true when you consider that Tom was forced to untie part way through the route in order to reach the strategically-placed second rope (the only way of making the route climbable with the pair's equipment).


We caught up with Tom before he headed back to Utah earlier this yeaer to find about the monster cracks he and Pete were hunting, and the training it takes to send such a massive roof crack.


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