Virtual Expedition to Everest Base Camp

In the past weeks, we’ve seen tons of climbing challenges that you can easily do from the comfort of your home from the #Covid100Challenge, to climbing around your kitchen table or the Lock-Off Banana Challenge, however, Rory Southworth came up with something truly demanding the #virtualEBC. The Virtual Everest Base Camp Trek.



Charge the day! . I'm two days into leading the #virtualEBC Expedition and I have only lost two of my team on the mountain and one to injury so far, I'm calling it a success! But we must carry on and conquer, we still have 4 more days to go! . The Virtual EBC Expedition is a five day journey of ascending the daily height of the Everest Base Camp Trek from your own home. With today's height being 430m. . Feel free to start your solo journey to EBC or even catch us up! . . Follow our journey on my stories and from the below team: @keenan.wills @harvmania @davpye @gillymcarthur @gymwithgemma @tinaremiz @microadventuregirl @joshuabrex @steviecbarker @fellfoodie @hike_this_way @jamiemiranda1 @eddiefitz7 @leography @will.h.p.runsonplants @freya_adventureawaits @larakateadventures @beckythetraveller @maggie_outdoors @mattgibsonadventure @missblowfish @walking_with_thepoles @joeday83 @outdoor__exploits @roshawes @raineyrebs @amberosebrown @stivesmermaid #virtualebc . . . . . #timetoplayinside #expedition #everest #everestbasecamp #everstbasecamptrek #stayhome #adventureculture #stayhomeuk #adventureisoutthere #adventureawaits #adventureculture #ukhiking #ukhillwalking #indoorsoutdoors #getoutside #ordnancesurvey

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He embarked on this journey with a strong team of mountaineers to ascend 5,364 meters, which equals to a five-day journey up and down your house stairs. He's been sharing his story on Instagram while the #virtualEBC hashtag has gone viral on Twitter reaching multiple continents and all the participants are spreading their positive messages along the way.

Does running up and down stairs for 5 days sound crazy to you?

What's next? The final push to the 8848m summit?



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