Who Says You Can’t Buy a Good Pair of Climbing Shoes for Less Than 100€?

That’s right. Maybe not so long ago the sub-100€ (or 74£) category of climbing shoes caused people to turn up their noses and snort derisively; shoes that cheap can’t possibly be any good. Can they…? The answer is (as you may have gained from the title), yes. It’s easy to stick with brands we know and love, trusting that a high price tag equals better quality, but if you could see some of the shoes emerging from deepest, darkest Europe and the USA right now… Better yet, we’ll just show you. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced climber, there’s a reasonably-priced shoe out there for you. And, of course, we know they're great shoes because they’re available to buy from EpicTV Shop right now!

Pantera 2.0 Climbing Shoe
Wild Climb
Pantera 2.0 Climbing Shoe
45.00 € RRP: 99.00 €


Wild Climb Pantera 2.0 - 99€ / 72.26£

The Pantera 2.0 is Wild Climb’s most advanced shoe, and with good reason. It’s supportive without being too stiff and down-turned without being overly aggressive, so you can easily climb anything from micro-edges and pockets to slabby overhangs. The upper is constructed from WildClimb’s own ‘Wildfiber’ fabric, which is designed to be ultra-breathable and soft, without stretching out over time. The Pantera 2.0 is definitely one of the best all-round, advanced shoes out there, that rivals the La Sportiva Testarossa in terms of fit and edging power, but is just that bit cheaper. The Pantera 2.0 has a pretty narrow profile, but if you have wide feet try its close relative, the Pantera.


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