Ice Falls: Close Calls

The first rule of ice climbing? Don't fall. Or at least if you have to, make sure you or your climbing partner is wearing a GoPro!


On a serious note, ice climbing is extremly dangerous and not to be undertaken lightly. With that said, here is a selection of ice climbing close calls. Dister was only avoided in these cases through a migture of climbing experience, and sheer luck.


Ice Fall Wrecking Ball from ASOIAR Climbing on Vimeo.


This video goes to show the importance of backing up your belay stance when in an awkward position, even on a single pitch climb. In this case the belayer was stood to the right of the climbers line, which cused him to be pulled diagonally into the air when the climber fell on his one gear placement.



Here's a great example of someone getting it right in Pontresina, Switzerland. The climber has placed his protection in the rock section of the climb, and not in the unstable ice formation he's on. This smart decision ultimately saves his life.



1:20 for the money shot

This may well have been the end of this route for climber Matjaž Dušič. Matjaž is forced to take the ride after the overhanging secition of ice he was on braks away underneath him, leaving him hanging by one axe.



This one is a double whammy! The climber in this video is forced to bail after a huge section of frozen waterfall hes on comes crashing down, nearly taking out his belayer below.


By Filippo Gualtieri

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