EpicTV Video: DC Chalet Lap | Mess Up Meribel With Rusty Toothbrush


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DC Chalet Lap | Mess Up Meribel With Rusty Toothbrush

Given one week, a chalet full of your closest friends and the freedom to bring your wildest snowboard fantasies to life, what would you do? What would your “shredtopia” look like? The Rusty Toothbrush base camp for the past two seasons has been the DC Shoes chalet in Méribel France. Last year this is where we discovered our “shredtopia” by literally digging it out of the ground. Shovel for shovel we chipped away at the ice and snow to build the craziest line we could think of. It was actually our filmmakers Francesco Zoppei's idea to try get all the way around the chalet in one fell swoop and from that crazy idea the infamous infinite chalet lap was born. Coming back this year we already knew our “shredtopia” was hiding somewhere in the snowpack. it was just a matter of finding it. We also knew the infinite chalet lap was possible but this year we wanted to go bigger, better and nastier. We wanted to jump of the balconies, slide the fences, our mission was to jib everything, our mission was to destroy everything.... OUR MISSION WAS TO MESS UP MERIBEL! DC Chalet Lap | Mess Up Meribel With Rusty Toothbrush