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Essential Indoor Climbing Gear + Tips | Climbing Daily Ep.1611

21st February 2020
21st Feb 2020
Scarpa Veloce here. Black Diamond Momentum here. Occun harness deal here. Sublime Brush here. Petzl Power chalk https://shop.epictv.com/en/chalk-chalk-bags/petzl/power-ball-2015?sku=PET15_MOUCHA_PWB&utm_source=epictv.com&utm_medium=VIDEO_CD_GS&utm_campaign=GEAR210220&utm_content=PETZL. Tendon Smart Lite here. So iLL bag here. La Sportiva bag here. This is the show aimed for people climbing indoors who want to start upgrading their climbing gear. We go through some essential indoor climbing purchases and give you some tips for climbing wall success. Essential Indoor Climbing Gear + Tips | Climbing Daily Ep.1611

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EpicTV Shop Offers

Veloce Climbing Shoe
Scarpa Veloce Climbing Shoe
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Climbing Twist Set Women
Ocun Climbing Twist Set Women
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Power Ball
Petzl Power Ball
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