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How To Train For 9a Routes And Hold Down A Job | Mar Álvarez. No Logo

31st August 2015
31st Aug 2015
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How do you perform at the absolute top level of your sport while still working a regular job? For Mar Álvarez, the answer is easy; you train hard and you train smart. Mar, one of only six women in the world to have climbed the grade of 9a, takes an incredibly disciplined approach to her training. She carefully plans each exercise to target the areas of her performance that require improvement and she then sticks to that plan religiously. This video from Namuss films gives us an insight into that process and what it really means to make sacrifices for your passion. Mar's approach may initially appear extreme, but the results are undeniable and she recently made a successful ascent of 'Esclatamasters' (9a/5.14d), the route featured in this video. How To Train For 9a Routes And Hold Down A Job | Mar Álvarez. No Logo

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frederic.hatt's picture
who know the name of the manufacturer of the rotating climbing wall Mar uses? thanks
Sep 1st 2015
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