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100 MPH Heartbreak | EpicTV Choice Cuts

13th February 2015
13th Feb 2015
Well...this puts a whole new spin on a broken heart, huh? Nathan Jones and Sam Hardy are two Wingsuit Pilots with a nearly superhuman mission: to use proximity flying to raise awareness about various human rights issues around the world. With nothing but their wingsuits and a lot of training they are flying closer to the ground than ever in hopes that you will take notice and perhaps donate to some of the causes that are trying to better the lives of many people around the world. On February 12th, they jumped off a 2,525 meter-high cliff at the Brevent in Chamonix, France, and headed down the ENSA couloir for a date with a little obstacle - a Valentine’s Day special. This jump is part of an initiative they set up called Project BASE that seeks to raise awareness about charities and give back to communities that they fly around. 100% of any money donated to them is given directly to whatever charity cause they are supporting, which right now, is a clean water project with the organization A Glimmer Of Hope, (http://aglimmerofhope.org/) that is digging wells in Ethiopia. Check out Project BASE and enjoy the flight! (http://www.projectbase.eu/). 100 MPH Heartbreak | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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seadiver's picture
totally sick dude!, love itl, you are sicker than jeb, already, no ned to get even closer, we al know how it ends, not sure about this charity side though, but who expects base jusmpers to be charity actvists anyway
Feb 25th 2015
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