2015 Short Film of the Year Awards Teaser | Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2015

17th April 2015
17th Apr 2015
For the 5th time Kayak Session Magazine is organizing the Short Film of the Year Awards presented by Sweet Protection and Powered by LiquidLogic. Kayaks, with E-paddleshop.com, Broadcasted byEpicTV. The criteria for selection are cinematography, editing, image quality, storytelling, creativity, and, of course, kayak performance. All films must be under 5 minutes long. Last but not least, there are huge prizes this year folks! 1st place wins a $5,000 USD , 2nd place $2,500 USD, 3rd place $1,000 USD - This is a total of 8500 USD in prizes! The Contest runs from March 15th through December 31st - We accept entries through December 1st More info go to: http://www.kayaksession.com/short-film-of-the-year-awards-2015-how-to-participate/

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Whitewater.Madness's picture
SWEET, Loulou...! EPIC, Juanito...!
May 25th 2015
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