2016 100% Aircraft Helmet Preview | Eurobike 2015

02nd September 2015
02nd Sep 2015
Not only is this the first mountain bike specific helmet from goggle connoisseur’s 100%, but their first helmet ever. The exciting launch of the Aircraft helmet is a great example of the brands serious stance on technical product innovation for MTB and one that we are as equally excited to shout about. This precision-engineered full-face helmet is crafted from a carbon/ Kevlar composite shell to maximise strength while minimising weight. Thanks to the 25-air channels, the Aircraft helmet is perfectly engineered to deliver maximum airflow and help cool you down during long days on the mountain. Coming with its own protective helmet carry bag and available in 4-colours, the 100% Aircraft helmet could be the helmet to be seen in, out on the trails in 2016. Check out the video for more… 2016 100% Aircraft Helmet Preview | Eurobike 2015

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