2016 Devinci Troy Preview | 2015 Eurobike

28th August 2015
28th Aug 2015
Devinci's short travel shredder sees a big overhaul for 2016, delivering a host of refinements including a longer front centre to improve handling on technical terrain while short chainstays maintain the playful pedigree of its predecessor. The addition of a short stem and wide bar combo will only help to accentuate the Troy's capabilities on challenging terrain and reinforce the original Troy's popularity with DH riders who were looking for a good time on their trail rides. Another update to the Troy sees improved kinematics thanks to a revised DW Link, delivering increased progressivity over its predecessor and further improving the handling characteristics of this versatile bike. For more on this awesome new machine, check out the video with David above and expect to see more on this new bike on Epic TV soon... 2016 Devinci Troy Preview | 2015 Eurobike

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