48 Hours in... Sierra Nevada

03rd November 2016
03rd Nov 2016
The third and final part of EpicTV's #EpicSpainShred was a late spring trip to Europe's most southerly ski resort of Sierra Nevada in Andalucia - you can even see Morocco from the top on a clear day and being that it's the sunniest resort in Europe, that's most of the time! It also saw a change of personnel as UK superstar quad-flipping snowboarder Billy Morgan and Swiss model / TV host / ex-pipe skier Olympian Mirjam Jaeger take over for the last leg of this journey, filmed in April 2016, when most ski resorts in Europe have already shut. Sierra Nevada made us feel very welcome and made sure we had plenty of activities during the trip, which included slushy park laps, a super-booter built especially for Billy, night-skiing and a sunset kicker session. Off the slopes was spent enjoying beers in the sun, a trip to nearby Granada to see the beautiful Alhambra Palace, and even a beach trip for wake-boarding & stand-up-paddle boarding! It's all looking good for the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships 2017 World Championships in Sierra Nevada - if you get a chance to check it out, we'd recommend it!

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