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6 Weeks To Get Stronger | The Next Level Ep.1

26th February 2020
26th Feb 2020
Download the Vertical Life App: iOS GOOGLE And check out theirTRAINING PLANS Get GEARED up for training with the EPICTV SHOP Can you achieve some serious climbing gains in just 6 weeks? Thats the question we put to Max and Daniel as we challenged them to use the training function on the Vertical Life App in order to see what kind of changes they could make to their climbing. In this first episode the guys outline what kind of targets they will be setting themselves and the challenges they will face..stay tuned to see episode 2 and whether they can achieve what they set out to do. Professional training plans are available in ALL climbing gyms using the Vertical-Life app. Is your gym not on the app yet? In order to guarantee up to date route information we need to first partner with every gym featured on Vertical-Life. You can support such partnerships by talking to the staff in your gym or tagging the gym we should contact next in the comments on our VERTICAL LIFE INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK Check out the new Klätterverket climbing gym in Stockholm 6 Weeks To Get Stronger | The Next Level Ep.1

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EpicTV Shop Offers

Skwama Climbing Shoe
La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoe
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Instinct VS Climbing Shoe
Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe
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Zlagboard Pro
Zlagboard Zlagboard Pro
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