686 Gore Tex Smarty Weapon Jacket and Pants | Best New Snowboard Outerwear ISPO 2016

22nd January 2016
22nd Jan 2016
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The 686 Smarty Gore Tex jacket is the first in the 686 line to use Gore-Tex waterproof membrane which makes it one of the most waterproof jackets on the market. There are removable SMARTY liners which makes this jacket suitable for both colder days on the mountain and warmer days as you can simply zip out the insulation when you don’t need it. The trousers also have removable insulation. If you want to get one set of gear and not need to mess about with insulating layers this set will sort you out in any conditions.

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djcasper07's picture
Can you please let me know when 686 Smarty weapon jacket and pants will be avaiable on the market? Late fall of 2016 or earlier? Thank you for reply
Feb 14th 2016
djcasper07's picture
Guys from 686 or re-presentetive of epictv who visited that conference - when can I buy new GLCR Weapon jacket/pants? Thank you
Feb 13th 2016
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