7 Tips For Mountain Biking Ethiopia | Trail Ninja, Ep. 28

05th January 2016
05th Jan 2016
Ethiopia is not the place you probably think it is. It's high, cold and has some of the most dramatic landscapes that pro-photographer and Trail Ninja series host Dan Milner has ever shot. He joins pro riders Sarah Leishman and Kamil Tatarkovic for an 8-day traverse of the country's Simien Mountains and a bike ascent of the highest mountain in Ethiopia, Ras Deshan (4543m). This is the last and final episode of the now infamous Trail Ninja series, and it finishes with a bang rather than a whimper. 7 Tips For Mountain Biking Ethiopia | Trail Ninja, Ep. 28

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nick.chapple's picture
What. Last in the series. So, if no season 2 then what next for the dark knight of trails. Will miss the Ninjas humour and the awkward moments he created.
Jan 6th 2016
beerplan's picture
Last in the series? Did he not make it out of Ethiopia after eating his shoes?
Jan 6th 2016
Michelle Webster's picture
Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
Great mountain bike guide, makes me want to go! Sad to see this is the last in the series... #bringbacktheninja
Jan 6th 2016
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