A Board's-Eye View of Getting Barreled in the Basque Country | W.H.O. is Punk, Ep. 12

13th February 2014
13th Feb 2014
This is a nearly five-minute video of Hugues Oyarzabal getting barreled in a region that sits on either side of the border between France and Spain. In English, it's known as the Basque Country, in its mother tongue, it's called Euskal Herria. We're tempted to leave it there but we can't resist a few notes to deepen your viewing pleasure. First, peep the backside tube riding sans rail-grab. Backside tube riding by itself is fiendishly difficult. Without grabbing the outside rail it's nearly impossible, yet Hugues makes it look breezy. 3:25 -- Don't be fooled by his apparent nonchalance, being in that position at that moment will ruin your whole week. 3:57 -- He's jumping off the harbor wall at Mundaka. If you ever surf in Europe you have to do this at least once.

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