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A Wingsuit Lunch Break on the Rognon du Plan | Long Live Roch!, Ep. 9

24th January 2014
24th Jan 2014
You can work and you can wingsuit but sometimes you have to do both. Model employee, Roch Malnuit works at the Patagonia store in downtown Chamonix. At 12:30 sharp he closes up shop and runs to catch up with his friends, Matt Gerdes and Erwan Madore, who are waiting for him at the cable car for the Aiguille du Midi. At the top they traverse to the Aiguille du Plan along a sharp ridge that requires a bit of mixed climbing - not the most secure undertaking as they have brought along minimum amounts of gear. When the reach the cliff they've been looking for they find themselves perched 540 ft off the deck and 7,800 ft above Chamonix Valley. After a fantastic jump and a smooth landing Roch makes it back to the shop and opens the doors by 3:00. The only problem now is that he needs a lunch break from his lunch break. A Wingsuit Lunch Break on the Rognon du Plan | Long Live Roch!, Ep. 9

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