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Adam Ondra Wins The Final Round Of The IFSC Lead Champs In Kranj | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 385

17th November 2014
17th Nov 2014
After a long season, which began in China in April with the first bouldering World Cup, the IFSC competition season has now drawn to a close, with the final round of the lead event taking place in Kranj, Slovenia, last weekend. Both Jakob Schubert and Jain Kim went into the final event with insurmountable leads from the previous rounds so although the season’s overall winners were already decided, there was still plenty for those behind them to compete for. Mina Markovic continued her incredibly consistent season by taking the win in the women’s event, her third World Cup victory this year. This gave Mina second place overall for a year in which, incredibly, she has been on the podium of every World Cup. Jain Kim got second and Akiyo Noguchi was third in Kranj, and while Magdalena Rock could only manage 9th, that was enough for her to claim third overall for the year. Over in the men’s event, Adam Ondra took the win ahead of Sean McColl in second and Sachi Amma in third. That was enough to secure second place overall for Adam this year, and third for Sean, both of whom were unable to match Jakob Shubert’s consistency. He only won one World Cup event but he rarely faltered all year and takes a well deserved overall win. With the IFSC tour done for this year, the final major climbing competition of the year will take place in Stockholm on the 29th November. It’s called the La Sportiva Legends Only competition and it is an in invitation only event with just 6 climbers competing. Ordinarily that might not sound that exciting but when you find out that the six are Adam Ondra, Alex Megos, Jimmy Web, Daniel Woods, Jerney Kruder and Jan Hojer, it makes it sound pretty spicy! We will there, bringing you all the build up, reporting from the event and talking to everyone involved so make sure you check out our Facebook and Tiwtter pages to stay up to date.

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