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Adam Ondra's 11-YEAR Project Goes DOWN | Climbing Daily Ep.1903

25th September 2019
25th Sep 2019
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La SPORTIVAS are back in STOCK! On todays show we've got news of Adam Ondra sending his latest long term project, Emma Twyford becomes the first British female to climb 9a, Karo Sinnhuber climbs 2x 8A+'s, Jesús Muñoz Vaquero (Chuchi) climbs another 8C and Molly Mitchell climbs 8b+ trad in the US. In terms of media we have w hole bunch of stuff to share: Louis in JAPAN OR ROCKS AND NEEDLES Check out the Bobats MEDIEVAL EPISODE Check out the DABRATS CHANNEL CD's Medieval EFFORT See what you can get up at the Women's Bouldering FESTIVAL ROCK AND ICE ARTICLE Adam Ondra's 11-YEAR Project Goes DOWN | Climbing Daily Ep.1903

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