Albarracín Bouldering - The Ultimate Destination Guide | 27 Crags

04th October 2018
04th Oct 2018
Check the best topos of Albarracín and all the other info at 27 Crags Albarracín is generally thought of as the best bouldering area in Spain, offering a wide variety of climbing on ancient sandstone blocks that are situated in the Teruel province of Spain. Suitable for climbers of all standards, Albarracín is an ideal destination for groups on their first climbing holiday or more advanced climbers who are are looking to establish new problems. This climbing travel guide will tell you all you need to know about the huge variety of different climbing areas that populate Albarracín, as well as all the other info that you might need, including accommodation, eating out and what you can do on a rest day when you need to give those tired fingers a rest. Albarracín Bouldering - The Ultimate Destination Guide in Association with Millet

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Pekka Somerto's picture
Nice intro to this beautiful venue and a peek of the supercool 27 Crags app. Thanks Hanna, Tim & Hugo - nice one!
Sep 14th 2018
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