An MTB Throwback To 1990 | Play Harder, Ep. 8

09th December 2014
09th Dec 2014
There are some pockets in the south of France where the locals remain oblivious to the technological advances in mountain biking during the last 20 years. While the rest of the world enjoys dual suspension bikes, carbon frames and wheel size debates, these Frenchies continue blissfully unaware. Their bikes are still rigid, saddles high, and shorts, well, short. Okay, obviously we're kidding around, but if this video doesn't take you back the good old days, you missed out on a lot of fun. And a lot of very short shorts. An MTB Throwback To 1990 | Play Harder, Ep. 8

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One of my favourite series in EpicTV's history!
Jun 20th 2015
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