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Andy's Hindu Climb, Highline, BASE Project | Sketchy Andy's Slacklife, Ep. 8

06th December 2013
06th Dec 2013
HINDU TOWER is a giant penis of rock on the side of the road following a snaking red sand canyon call Onion Creek outside of Moab, Utah. Sketchy Andy is going to triple-task this badass rock - climb it, highline it and BASE jump off in the same lovely day. Andy was originally turned onto this project during his escapades in the Fisher Towers 2010-2012. Both Hindu and the much more obvious and recognizable formation called Mongoose tower (mistaken for Hindu a lot) are visible from the Fishers Area. Not until recently has highlining come to point where massive, daunting projects can be done relaxingly in a couple days. HINDU is the perfect example of the next generation of highline missions. Beautiful, accessible, climb-able, highline-able, and Base-able features. That's the concept. Andy jokes about it as a 'circle of life.' Climb to the top, highline from the top, base jump to your car. 'Ideally these projects can be done lightweight, in a day, with gaps up to 200 feet, leaving nothing.' Hindu tower is over 150ft tall, but 500+ft above the car. The summit is the size of a large bathroom, with room for 4-5 people comfortably. With a slackline 240' long off the top of it to the wall... the exposure is intense. Up until 2010, lines this long were world records. Now they are on-sighted regularly. Including this line! It is Andy's current onsight fullman record of 240ft!~ (walking it both ways, first try). Huge thanks goes out to the many athletes who took part in this video. Daniel Moore climbed this tower in 1 pitch free freeing. Truly amazing since he had about 6 pieces for the top half of the tower -- tagging a 10.5mm static. Andy seconded, cleaned gear, and fixed ropes. Kiersa, Hayley, Scott, Mickey, Brian, Jeremy, and a few others all helped rig, carry gear, tie knots, and many others -- frankly an endless list of tasks. See you all next time, next video! Andy's Hindu Climb, Highline, BASE Project | Sketchy Andy's Slacklife, Ep. 8

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