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Angy Eiter Breaks NEW Ground With FA Madame Ching | Climbing Daily Ep.1770

30th December 2020
30th Dec 2020
In 2017 Angy Eiter became the first woman to climb 9b. SInce then she has continued to climb some of the hardest routes in the world. A recent Red Bull film follows her journey to climb Madame Ching, a route that could be her second 9b. We caught up with Angy to find out the story behind the send. Watch the Madame Ching film here. Sport climbing gear deals at the EpicTV shop here. Follow @epictvclimbing Instagram here. Tik Tok here. Facebook here. Twitter here. Twitch here.

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Giga Jul
Edelrid Giga Jul
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Python - 10mm
Edelrid Python - 10mm
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Python Climbing Shoe
La Sportiva Python Climbing Shoe
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Pulp Quickdraw Set x5
Beal Pulp Quickdraw Set x5
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