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Anna Stöhr; The Evolution of a Four-Time World Cup Champion

16th November 2017
16th Nov 2017
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In the second season of our La Sportiva Living Legends series, we travel to Innsbruck to the home of four-time bouldering world cup winner, Anna Stöhr. Anna is just as at ease with climbing indoors and training in the Kletterzentrum as she is climbing outdoors in the mountains surrounding Innsbruck. She shows us why she has never moved away from the place where she was born. Anna Stöhr; The Evolution of a Four-Time World Cup Champion

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Comments (6)

7 voters think this video is Epic
Nico Stanford's picture
Quality film!
Nov 18th 2017
Pekka's picture
Awesome filming and edit, and an amazing person. Thanks for a beautiful video!
Nov 17th 2017
milly's picture
massive determination, inspiring!
Nov 17th 2017
spencer.j.callaway's picture
the way she climbing would be so awesome to watch. just dynoing everything and moving so smoothly
Nov 17th 2017
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Awesome, great edit guys!
Nov 16th 2017
Ange Bibier's picture
Nice video and well filmed.
Nov 16th 2017
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