Annelie Pompe Relishes the Thin Air on the Summit of Aconcagua | Barely Breathing, Ep. 6

10th February 2014
10th Feb 2014
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The day has finally come, kids, Annelie Pompe has finished her acclimatization and is starting her bid for the summit of Aconcagua. At 22,837 ft above sea level, it's the highest mountain in South America and one of the most dangerous due to adverse weather conditions. Did we mention the air gets mighty thin up there? Not that Annelie minds, given that she is often not breathing at all when she's vying for freediving world records. As the air gets thinner, the Swede just gets happier, though its uncertain whether this is her natural inclination, or just the effects of not enough oxygen. Either way she skips her rest day and fairly bounds up the mountain. 'Great happiness but also great emptiness afterwards,' is how she describes the feeling of summiting. Spoken like a true adventure junkie, Annelie.

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