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Arnaud Petit's 20-Year Struggle On Biographie | Céüse, Ep. 1

15th October 2014
15th Oct 2014
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In the first episode of Céüse with Arnaud Petit, Arnaud reveals his long-term project Biographie and explains how difficult it is to keep motivation rolling when you've been working on the same climb for 20 years. Everything has to be perfect, you have to be fit in particular ways, and even if you're feeling good, it still doesn't mean you'll finish the climb. There are about ten men who have ever climbed this benchmark route and Arnaud, who lives in Céüse, wants to be the next. He's never going to give up trying to clip the anchor at the top of Biographie, but he's not afraid to try other routes. Close to Biographie, there is another beautiful overhanging route, Mr. Hyde, that Arnaud wants to try his hand at. Arnaud Petit's 20-Year Struggle On Biographie | Céüse, Ep. 1

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