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05th January 2016
05th Jan 2016
Avalanches are often unexpected, but they're a part of winter sports in the mountains. The EpicTV Avalanche Awareness series aims to explain how to prepare your gear and yourself before heading into the mountains for your backcountry adventure. This is a guide meant to help reduce the risks to yourself and your friends while skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. Graham Bell and mountain expert Peter Bilous offer useful information to make your ski or snowboard experience safer. Watch the series, get informed, then get training and practicing. Thanks to our partners; Arc'Teryx Backcountry Access FATMAP RECCO Avalanche Awareness - Planning & Preparation | EpicTV Ski

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Kiv123's picture
I've got my avalanche kit ready. Just waiting for the snow now! Good tips though.
Jan 6th 2016
Chris's picture
Great to hear you have all the gear to assist with your safety in the back country and it ooks like some good snow is on the horizon for Europe. Keep an eye out for the next Ep's about to drop soon. They contain a lot more very useful tips to consider. Thanks for watching, have fun but be safe out there!
Jan 9th 2016
jean-mael's picture
Very useful tips and the FATMAP app and technology is pretty interesting.
Jan 6th 2016
Chris's picture
Fatmap is well worth downloading and taking a look at. The detail and information it provide's is like nothing else available right now. It's one of those tools you can study well before you even get on snow. Then once you in the snow it can assist with so many of your decisions before you jump into new terrain. Have fun out there! I hope your going to get some of this fresh snow!
Jan 9th 2016
mateffy's picture
when are the rest of the episodes coming out? good info in there, looking forward to the next ones.
Jan 6th 2016
Chris's picture
The other Ep's will be online very soon. Keep an eye out and stay tuned. Thanks for watching.
Jan 9th 2016
Julian Ball's picture
Epic TV Ski Acquisition Producer - London, England.
Good information and a reminder just how dangerous the mountains can be! Be safe out there!
Jan 5th 2016
Nico Stanford's picture
Good avalanche info vid. Nice.
Jan 5th 2016
alan sim's picture
nice vid!
Jan 4th 2016
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