Aviation Authority Tighten Regs, Sony & Samsung Jump Into The Drone Game | Flight Club News, Ep. 8

31st July 2015
31st Jul 2015
The big news this week is the worldwide discussion of UAV flying regulations. Just this week a drone was spotted 330ft from a Lufthansa flight to Poland… and similar incidents have prompted regulators from California… to Tokyo… to New Zealand to diligently restrict where and how you can fly your drone. It’s official…Sony and Samsung are jumping into the drone business. Earlier this week Sony announced in a press release that it’s partnering Japanese robotics company ZMP to launch a new venture called Aerosense and SamMobile this week leaked a brief announcement that Samsung will be releasing a Selfie-Drone. And Amazon is calling for a separate airspace zone for commercial drone flights for customer delivery. The segregated airspace will be carved out below 500ft to enable drones to fly unhindered and without endangering civilian or military planes to be handled by an automated Air Trafiic controller system. And in honour of "global ice cream delivery day" Uber as delighted customers in Singapore with ice cream by drone.

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