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Big Sport Sends For Honnold, Siegrist And Ashima (Again!) | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep.469

25th March 2015
25th Mar 2015
Today we’ve got a round up of what has been a pretty full on week for the sport. Just two days after we reported on her climbing a possible 9a+ in Santa Linya, 13 year old Ashima Shiraishi has only gone and done exactly the same thing again, this time by repeating 'Ciudad de Dios'. Two other youths doing very well right now are Matteo Menardi, and Nico Pelorson, both of whom climbed their first 9a’s this week, aged 16 and 17 respectively. Slightly older but no less impressive are Jonathan Siegrist, who’s repeated the classic 9a+ 'La Rambla' at Siurana, and Magnus Midtbø doing Papichulo, also 9a+, at Oliana. Soloist Alex Honnold even got in on the act, climbing Punks in the Gym, the notoriously desperate 8b+ in Arapiles, Australia. Big Sport Sends For Honnold, Siegrist And Ashima (Again!) | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep.469

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R.j. Ireland's picture
Charlie Boscoe does a wonderful job leading off this weeks news about rock climbers! Congratulations to Ashima Shiraishi for doing a double on the 9a+ climbs. Matteo Menardi and Nico Pelorson are doing well also! I am just getting started into this sport as a late bloomer. I am under-educated, but i think I still can do climbing. My idol is Alex Honnold. Way to set the bar so high Honnold! Thanks EpicTV for climbing into the midst of the action and rockin' it! You all are awesome!
Mar 30th 2015
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