Billabong Pro Tahiti Wrap-Up | EpicTV Surf Report, Ep. 73

21st August 2013
21st Aug 2013
Over in the blink of an eye, the Billabong Pro Tahiti at Teahupoo was not life-threatening as it was in the past, but still offered tons of glassy overhead barrels to surf on. For the third time in a row, Jeremy Flores won the surfing competition's Nixon 'Winner Take All' award for surfing the Heaviest Wave of the event. John John won the Andy Irons Award for the Most Committed performance over the course of the event, which included two 10-point rides. The big winner though, was Adrian "Ace" Buchan, who knocked out Jordy Smith, John John Florence, and Mick Fanning on the way to his second career win, and for the second, time against pro surf legend Kelly Slater. Find out how the Twitteratti reacted and what Adrian had to say about his win in this edition of Surf Report. Billabong Pro Tahiti Wrap-Up | EpicTV Surf Report, Ep. 73

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