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01st June 2015
01st Jun 2015
For 2016, the Black Crows Navis Freebird is 400 grams/pair lighter thanks to Freebird gene 2 technology: a paulownia and poplar wood core covered with three- and two-directional carbon and glass fiber that keeps the whole package nice and solid. At 102mm wide and easy to handle, with a new 19-meter turn radius which is better suited to ski touring, the Black Crows Navis Freebird is a great choice for ski touring and steep skiers. The Navis Freebird has an identical shape to its freeride twin, The Black Crows Navis, including a quite large front rocker that covers 22% of the ski's surface that floats the ski in powder. Camber underfoot makes the ski fun, poppy and really good at carving turns. Like all other lightweight skis, you should expect a bit of chatter at speed on hardpack but overall it's a super fun ski. Check out the video of our on-snow review!

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