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Black Diamond Camalot C4 - 2018
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Black Diamond C4 Camalots | Outdoor 2018

25th June 2018
25th Jun 2018
Check out Black Diamonds Collection At The EpicTVShop Without an update since the release in 2004 of the last generation of C4 Camalots, the iconic Black Diamond cams have finally been given an upgrade, and it looks like its been worth the wait. 10% lighter, with variable stiffness of the stems in the collection, plus an exciting new trigger keeper for easier handling and placement when you're on the wall, these new C4 camalots look they are going to keep Black Diamond at the forefront of trad climbing equipment development. Nice one BD!

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Camalot C4 - 2018
Black Diamond Camalot C4 - 2018
65.00 € now 55.61 €
Camalot Ultralight Cam
Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight Cam
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Camalot X4
Black Diamond Camalot X4
85.00 € now 59.00 €