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Black Diamond Pilot Vs Mammut Smart 2.0 | Climbing Daily Ep.1423

24th May 2019
24th May 2019
Black Diamond Pilot here. Mammut Smart 2.0 here. We have got our hands on the Black Diamond Pilot and it's time to put it to the test. This tubular style device has assisted breaking and is easy and intuitive to use. We try it out and compare it to a few of it's rivals... Mammut Smart Video here. Click Up Vs GriGri here. Black Diamond Pilot Vs Mammut Smart 2.0 | Climbing Daily Ep.1423

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jeremy.wilson's picture
I love this informative video. However, it doesn't really get into the main purpose of these devices: failsafe use for when you get hit on the head or your beginner lets go of the rope. I know the advice is to never let go, but let's be honest, we all want a device that won't fail. I am a big fan of the Clic-Up and my real question is which device is the more fail-safe? This is more important to me than slickness when paying out etc.
May 28th 2019
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