Boobs, Bikes & Summer Shenanigans | Tyler McCaul's God Luck and Good Speed, Ep. 1

13th November 2013
13th Nov 2013
Crashes, fireworks, big tricks, boobs and good times. A montage to challenge all montages... From Tyler: 'In this first episode of God Luck and Good Speed, follow my friends and I throughout some of our 2013 travels on the FMB World Tour circuit and get a behind-the-scenes look at all the big tricks, crashes, parties, explosions, and good times that went down along the way. 'My goal for this series is to not bore viewers with the same sh!t they see in web videos everyday, and this first episode is a testament to that. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more episodes like this to come!' Song: 'Better This Way' by Heavy Hand Director: Tyler McCaul Producer: Tyler McCaul Athletes: Tyler McCaul, Aaron Chase, Geoff Gulevich, Peter Henke, Martin Soederstrom, Mike Montgomery, Carson Storch, Jeff Herbertson, Anthony Messere, Anton Thelander, Cam McCaul, Andreu Lacondeguy, Sam Pilgrim, Yannich Granieri, Jordie Lunn, Graham Agassiz, Eric Davies, Ronnie Renner, Cam Zink, Thomas Genon, Brett Rheeder, Tom Van Steenbergen, Taylor Sage Shot on Location: Aptos, CA; Whistler, BC; Les Deux Alpes, FR; Tilton, NH; Winter Park, CO; Mount Washington, BC; Winterberg, GER; Los Angeles, CA; Chatel, FR Boobs, Bikes & Summer Shenanigans | Tyler McCaul's God Luck and Good Speed, Ep. 1

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