Build It, Ride It | The Kiwis, Ep. 15

18th June 2015
18th Jun 2015
Technical jumps, steep rock gardens and small catch'a berms were mandatory features in Nick Jordan and his boy's hand-built trail in New Zealand. These guys spent the better part of New Zealand's winter building a new mountain bike trail near Christchurch, the Sargent Choco. Full of jumps, rock gardens and berms it really has all the ingredients required for an amazing MTB trail. As soon as summer rolled round, shovels were stored and the beast was finally unleashed! Build It, Ride It | The Kiwis, Ep. 15

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Kiv123's picture
Where exactly we can ride this track?
Jun 18th 2015
tyler69001's picture
I want to go to NZ !
Jun 18th 2015
Ltbron's picture
Looks like a sick trail!! Well done the builders
Jun 18th 2015
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