Californian Surfing Prodigy | #Kanoa, Ep. 1

11th September 2013
11th Sep 2013
Imagine being 13 and having already surfed for a decade - really freakin' well, too. If you're Kanoa Igarashi you don't have to imagine. He started surfing at age 3 and takin' names at 4... In the first episode of Kanoa's new video series, we meet the now-15-year-old Japanese-American surfer and see how he rode his way into the top of the world junior surfing rankings. Follow him as a wee little kid, surfing at age 3, to the winner of a record-breaking 30 amateur contests in a ROW, to his achieving the title of the youngest American National Champion IN HISTORY. Ain't no messing around with Kanoa, he means business! Californian Surfing Prodigy | #Kanoa, Ep. 1

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