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Campusboard Progression : How to Train for 1-4-7

24th October 2016
24th Oct 2016
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This video contains a series of campus boarding exercises with the goal of preparing the climber for the 1-4-7er, which is considered to be a milestone in campusboard training and training for climbing in general. The drills get progressively harder and aim at improving dynamics of the upper body, explosiveness and contact strength. Don't hurt yourself! Do never full crimp on the campusboard, and avoid falling into straight arms. Perform these exercises only when you can do so in a controlled fashion. Other than that, have fun training! Campusboard Progression : How to Train for 1-4-7 !

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Comments (5)

Rodney Katelyn's picture
Where you from man? Love your accent, very soothing
Oct 28th 2016
Jerries Knightson's picture
Awesome, loving all your videos!
Oct 26th 2016
Camella Matheson's picture
loving these, great work!
Oct 24th 2016
rovanock's picture
super psyched to try this! see u at the walfishy ;)
Oct 24th 2016
rcardoso2908's picture
As always, nice video! thank you!
Oct 22nd 2016
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