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Charlie Boscoe’s Behind The Scenes IFSC World Cup Secrets | Climbing Daily Ep.783

23rd September 2016
23rd Sep 2016
On a recent trip to Arco for the IFSC World Cup we bumped into IFSC live commentator and legendary ex-climbing daily presenter Charlie Boscoe. He took us behind the scenes to show Climbing Daily how the IFSC run a world cup and the technology behind the live streams. He showed us a few secrets, took the piss out of Matt and generally had a bit of a laugh. Charlie Boscoe’s Behind The Scenes IFSC World Cup Secrets | Climbing Daily Ep.783

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Comments (8)

3 voters think this video is Epic
John Reilly's picture
What is it with Climbing Daily presenters and hair loss?
Sep 26th 2016
marcel_hughes's picture
Charlie's sarcasm always makes me laugh but I think Matt has added something, haven't worked out what yet though
Sep 24th 2016
Hugo Pilcher's picture
I am voting for Charlie...#oldschool
Sep 23rd 2016
Donna Saarentola's picture
Oh boys!! Lovely to see you both in same screen! Always funny and quickly cutting back to subject, so admirable!!!
Sep 23rd 2016
Ange Bibier's picture
Get the 1 point to Matt, because of the look of is new watch on is wrist ...
Sep 23rd 2016
Logan Garfunkel's picture
Ninja Assasin
Always a pleasure to see CB on CD
Sep 23rd 2016
Sanna Sipola's picture
Yey Charlie is back!!
Sep 23rd 2016
Filippo Gualtieri's picture
Let's start with the votes! 1 for Matt
Sep 23rd 2016
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