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Chris Sharma's Deep Water Solo Comp - EpicTV Climbing Daily

07th August 2013
07th Aug 2013
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Women's favorite Sasha DiGiulian and dark horse Jimmy Webb took first place in the deep water soloing competition held in Park City, Utah, on Friday, August 2. The event is part of the Psicobloc Master Series, which was brought to the U.S. by Chris Sharma (he won a similar competition in Bilbao, Spain, in 2010). The event was a huge success thanks to the unique tournament-style format, huge falls, and lively energy from the crowd. MORE INFO: http://www.climbing.com/news/sasha-digiulian-and-jimmy-webb-win-psicocomp/ In the second round, Sharma was up against youngster Matty Hong, who performed well throughout the event. Sharma fell on the dyno through the roof, but Hong stuck the move and progressed. VIDEO: http://instagram.com/p/ciVvuDGRpk/?igref=ogexp# --- Check out this great video from Petzl Roctrip in Argentina: http://www.klettern.de/news/sportklettern-bouldern/video-petzl-roctrip-argentina-2012-the-official-movie.834086.5.htm Chris Sharma's Deep Water Solo Comp - EpicTV Climbing Daily

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