Cleat Set Up Made Easy - Progressive | Trail Doctor

31st August 2015
31st Aug 2015
Today's mountain bikers are split in their pedal choice, with many downhill racers joining the XC riders' clipless pedal option and many trail riders opting for flats. Being clipped into your pedal might seem daft on technical trails, but clipless pedals and shoe cleats can boost your pedalling efficiency by upto 30% on climbs, which means possibly going 30% longer during a ride. Everyone likes to go 30% longer! So if you're looking for the lowdown on how to set up cleats and shoes for the first time, or looking for some cheat codes to make the job easier, then ex-pro bike mechanic Dan Milner has the answers here. Cleat Set Up Made Easy - Progressive | Trail Doctor

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3 voters think this video is Nuts
Mateffy Istvan's picture
Trail doctor you`re the man, feel much better on my bike now
Sep 7th 2015
Michelle Webster's picture
Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
As much as I could use the power going up, I still can't get my head around MTB cleats...!
Sep 3rd 2015
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