Craziest Urban MTB DH Race Ever! | Urban Legend, Ep. 3

31st October 2013
31st Oct 2013
Downhill mountain bike racer Marcelo Gutierrez rode Taxco and had this to say about the rough, ridiculous ride: 'This was definitely one of the coolest urban tracks I've raced, rough as hell, fast as well and so many people. I have to say, that race through all those narrow streets of Taxco was super sketchy and exciting at the same time... I enjoyed it a lot, unfortunately the bike didn't (as much). Hitting all those bottom-outs all down the trail and pinning it in all those stairs was a big challenge for the rider and the bike as well. I'm glad my round went well, clean and fast but not satisfied at all with my placing second.' Watch his stunning MTB run down the most ridiculous downhill run ever. Athletes: Marcelo Gutierrez Craziest Urban MTB DH Race Ever! | Urban Legend, Ep. 3

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