Cycling Through Nanning Is Depressing and Awesome | One Speed, One Heart, Ep. 4

13th February 2014
13th Feb 2014
Craig Maddison is on a 1,500-mile cycling trip from Hanoi to Shanghai. The traffic is bad, the hills are steep, the land is unfamiliar, but the food is really quite agreeable. This week Craig makes a friend in the diminutive but energetic Farmer Tang, who is leading him across the Guangxi province of southeastern China. They pass the monolithic tower blocks of Nanning and then, for a little contrast, the slouching cottages of Xingping, a village that dates from the 8th century. Finally, Craig gets to rest those legs on a jaunty boat ride up the Li River. Stay tuned next week as Craig exchanges Farmer Tang for something a little easier on the eyes.

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