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EpicTV Weekly 5: BASE Jumpers - Alpinists Liv Sansoz, Jerome Blanc-Gras

01st June 2012
01st Jun 2012
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Professional climbers/BASEjumpers/wingsuit pilots Liv Sansoz and Jerome Blanc-Gras tell us about the challenges the team is facing on the road to the Trango Air Wall project. Along the way they explain how a wingsuit works. || || Pro climber and EpicTV BASE/Wingsuit Editor Tim Emmett skypes in to interview Mark Sutton Gary Connery's wingman about the first-ever wingsuit landing without a parachute. Stephan Siegrist also joins us to tell us about his highline traverse between the summits of the Matterhorn. 19-year-old pro surfer Courtney Conlogue - 4 in the WCT rankings at this time checks in from the Swatch Girls Pro France. We leave you with this week's unanswered question: the hangboard.

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Oakley Fireball Dwr Hoodie 2016
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