EpicTV Weekly 7: Best Big Wave Surfing Day Ever, Freediver William Trubridge, First Ski Descent of Mt Clemenceau

15th June 2012
15th Jun 2012
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01:49 This week's guest host, professional freeskier Andreas Fransson, highlights the best of the best of the unforgettable 2011/12 ski season. 08:38 Freediving world record holder William Trubridge unveils the mysteries of freediving, weighs in on the controversy surrounding a recent 244m attempt, and answers the universal question, 'Why the mono?'. 29:11Chris Rubens gives us the down low on the gorgeous first ski descent of one of Canada's king lines, the North Face of Mt Clemenceau. || || 48:28 Some of the world's top surfers are calling Day 3 of the Volcom Fiji Pro 2012, "the best big wave surfing day ever." Check out the mind-blowing footage here while EpicTV Surf Editor Dave Mailman explains what went down.

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